Blessings and Dragonflies 1

Blessings and Dragonflies

May God kindle in me the fire of love to bring me

alive and give warmth to the world.

Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth;

Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust;

Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace.

Let peace fill my heart, the world, the universe…

– A New Zealand Prayer  Book (1997)

Do you have soul moments where you bless yourself or others?

Blessing others begins in our hearts – apparently, both physically and spiritually.  The ancient wisdom that saw the heart as the seat of the emotions was not just metaphorical.

If this is true, then prayer for our hearts to be open to God, to be open to peace, as in the prayer quoted above, can be the beginning of bringing peace to us, to the world, to the universe.

When we send words out into the world, even angry words directed at other motorists in their insulated cars who can’t even hear us, it still matters.  When we consciously seek to love our enemies rather than curse them, no matter what they have done to us – something is changed in the universe.

It is like the dragonfly effect.  It is said that when a dragonfly flutters its wings in Africa, it can cause an avalanche in the Alps.  Love’s avalanche can start with as small a movement as the stirring of our heart toward someone else, in forgiveness and compassion.  Just a slight movement or flutter toward God or the other person can always grow and swell into a heart full of love and healing.

It is the God of the dragonfly and the dewdrops, the stars, the snowflakes and the universe that connects us as souls to each other and to all of creation.  In blessing ourselves, in blessing others, we are merely tapping into that source through words that are timely, and spirits that we hope fit our words.  God does the rest!

We studied Ecclesiastes recently – to everything there is a season….how freeing it is to know that we don’t have to solve all of the problems of this earth – at least not today.  Most of us spend our lives spinning in the circles of busyness and striving.  Yes, there is a time and a place for every activity and work under the sun.  But what most of us are lacking – and long for desperately – is a spirit of deep soul surrender to God, and the ability to bless all other living creatures.  To bless and release, where it is needed.

Let us bless others in everyday life – and bless ourselves.  And, as always, we must begin as we are, where we are, right now.